Why the Z20’s Dual-screen Design is the Future 

Smartphone design is boring. 

It’s as if every big cellphone brand decided that a single-screen rectangle was perfect, gave themselves a pat on the back and called it a day.  

Not nubia. Since starting out in 2015, we’ve always set out to push the boundaries of design and create better, more convenient ways for people to connect. That means innovations that are as useful as they are unique.  

In other words, mobile design has become immobile. And we want to get it moving into the future.  

We've always wanted to be able to do more things simultaneously with our smartphones. That’s the idea behind the nubia Z20, our dual-screen device. 

Back-to-back Brilliance 

The Z20 features two curved, AMOLED screens — back to back.

On top, you get all display, no distraction with a 6.42" front screenThen switch over for a fully functional  5.1" rear screen that seamlessly blends into the body of the device.

Okay, that all sounds cool. But what is dual-screen design actually for?

Front Camera, Meet Rear Camera

There’s tons of benefits with two displays. First off, by adding a second screen below an excellent triple-lens rear camera, you can use it like a front-facing camera. 

Let’s say you want to stream yourself or take a selfie. Just switch to the rear-screen, open the camera and you’re now using the rear camera like a front one for super-detailed shots. Plus, there’s the ultrawide lens for wefies.  

It’s quality with convenience — like having the best of both cameras.  

Then there’s the Dual Viewfinder. Creating content in a team? Turn on both screens to give clarity both behind and in front of the camera. 

Top Notch. No Notch


Since there’s no need for a front-facing camera, there’s no need for a notch. As a result, you get a true full-screen viewing for immersive streaming or gaming. 

Double What You Do  


In the middle of a game but you need to check a message from your boss? Thanks to Dual-screen Multitasking, you can do both at the same time (if you really want to, of course).

Use multiple apps simultaneously or check notifications on one screen and open them on the other. Like the dual-screen design as a whole, it’s function with finesse. 


The nubia Z20 lands 10/14. Take part in Unbox the Future for your chance to win the groundbreaking dual-screen device.