nubia Z20 Global ROM Flash Instructions

Find the instructions below to flash your Z20 with the official global ROM. 


a) Please be cautious during the flashing process and make sure to carefully follow the instructions. Be sure to download the correct software for your device, as attempting to flash your device with the wrong software will void your warranty.

b) Please be aware that if your nubia device was purchased from a third-party site, we cannot provide additional support should your device run into issues. Our warranty policy covers devices bought from our official store only.


1. Please back-up your data before attempting to manually install the global ROM, as the process will require a complete wipe of the device. This is because many of the apps built into the Chinese model will not be compatible with the global ROM.

2. Download the software build for your device depending on your location here:

Europe & Asia: V203
North America: V103 

3. Make sure the device is charged to 50% or above.

4. Plug your phone into your computer and copy the downloaded .zip to your phone’s root storage folder (this is the main folder once your device is connected to the computer). If you’re using a Mac, you can install Android File Transfer for this operation.

5. After the .zip file is copied to your phone’s root folder, go to 'Settings' > 'System update', tap the 'Settings icon' (the three dots) in the top right corner, choose 'Local update', find the .zip file and tap on 'Install now' button to confirm.

6. After the device boots, the software will be usable. However, should any issues occur, we recommend doing a full wipe of the device either by the reset option in settings or via recovery (the best option). To do a full wipe, please follow these additional steps:

a. Once the N20 has booted after the initial software update, turn the device off, and then hold down both the volume up button and the power button. This will bring you to recovery mode.

b. Choose your preferred language with the volume keys and select with the power key.

c. Go to 'Wipe data', and select 'Wipe user data'.

d. The phone will reboot and you will need to set up with your Google account info.