What Can nubia WATCH Do For You?

There may be a number of reasons why you may want a smartwatch, some may want to track a healthy lifestyle, some may want a secondary screen while their phone is in their pocket and some may just want an attractive watch to wear to match their outfit. 

nubia WATCH: the personal assistant in your daily life

nubia WATCH might be the best choice to cover your needs. To test this out, nubia gave out a device for someone to give it a try for a week to see how it helped him in his daily life. At the end of the week the person who tested it out gave us their impression of how they incorporated it in their daily life by providing us with a diary of how it helped them out. Here is a passage of their daily routine to see how it helped them. 


I always start my week off with a morning workout in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I alway thought it is always a good idea to have a fitness tracking smartwatch to monitor my progress and to make sure that I keep on track with my fitness goals. It also includes a heart rate monitor which can help to check on my heart rate throughout the workout and throughout the day afterwards to make sure I can keep track of my health before, during and after everytime I exercise. Usually after my workout on Monday, go to work and spend a large part of my day in a meeting and it is always a good idea to maintain a good appearance during these meetings, so I tend to take advantage of the customized watch face which I can change depending on the occasion.

Tuesday to Thursday

During this time I spent most of my time in the office and I tend to listen to music during this time. It can be a big problem to unlock my phone so I can change a track during this time so having the nubia WATCH on my wrist instead is a good solution to prevent me from needing to unlock my smartphone every time, just simply pair with bluetooth to pair the smartwatch for android and ios for a quick and convenient way to change your music.


On this day I need to travel to a different city so I need to take a train. There are a lot of things that I need to check quickly, for example what platform I need to be at and at what time I need to be at the platform. The nubia WATCH is a great way to navigate through important information quickly so I can focus more time and attention on getting to my location.

Saturday and Sunday

During the weekend I want to kick back and relax, so I want a quick and easy solution to get in touch with friends and family without needing to walk around home for my smartphone every few minutes. I am able to simply reply to any messages I receive from the nubia Watch while continuing to relax after a busy week.

In Conclusion

By having this device accompanying me every day, I have started to notice the small but regular tasks throughout your day become much more convenient and faster to complete. It is the perfect little assistant on my wrist, making my life that little bit more convenient.