Stay In-The-Know with the New nubia MyOS Page

Stay In-The-Know with the New nubia MyOS Page

We have exciting news for all nubia smartphone users.


We are thrilled to announce the launch of the nubia MyOS page, a unique platform designed to elevate your experience as a mobile user. At nubia we’re committed to working on continuously improving our software and resolving any issues you might come across. Stay tuned for regular enhancements, based on your feedback.

So, what is the nubia MyOS page all about? Let’s take a closer look.


Software Updates


The nubia MyOS page is a dedicated space where you can access all the information you may need about your nubia device and its operating system. Stay up-to-date with the latest software updates, including performance improvements and new features. With nubia MyOS you can ensure that your device is always running efficiently.

Please navigate to the MyOS feedback page where you will find a list of recently updated and added features. If you notice any unresolved bugs such as the camera freezing, connectivity problems or performance issues, please navigate to the phones settings and ensure the latest software has been installed. We always value your feedback and insights, so please visit the MyOS page and share your feedback directly with the nubia team.




Our aim is to maintain your continued satisfaction while improving your nubia experience. Your feedback is very important to us and the nubia MyOS page has a direct feedback form where you can share your thoughts, suggestions and ideas with us. Whether you have a feature request, a bug report, or simply want to share your experiences, we are here to take on board your feedback and implement any beneficial changes.

Stay Connected


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Head over to the nubia MyOS page to explore all the features and functionalities it has to offer. Join our nubia journey.