Your New Year Deserves Something Ultra, Something Pro

Your New Year Deserves Something Ultra, Something Pro

As the new year rolls in every single one of us is faced with the same problem year after year. Christmas was merry, New Years was magical but January is mighty miserable. The question is how do you start 2024 with the right energy and ensure that every moment unfolds the way it should? Better yet, how do you make January the new spring, summer and christmas, all rolled into one. Well we’d say your new year deserves something special, something Ultra, something Pro.

Here at nubia, 2023 has marked our two most impressive phones yet and to celebrate and welcome the start of 2024, we’re running the nubia New Year event with sensational offers on our flagship marvels, the nubia Z50S Pro and Z60 Ultra.


Capture 2024 with nubia's New Year offers

nubia Z60 Ultra

Here’s a cracker! Pause every single moment of 2024 with nubia Z60 ultra precision, Now, just $649, and with the special code NUBIA30, you can now treat yourself to an additional $30 off at checkout. It's our way of inviting you to experience the zenith of technology in 2024 with nubia.

Let the Z60 Ultra be your guide to capturing life's magnificence. With the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, IP68 rated endurance and a trio of lenses it’s a companion for every cherished moment. Capture the expanse of the night sky with the 18mm Starry Sky Camera, a 50MP ultra-wide lens that seizes every star with its expansive view and OIS steadiness. The 35mm Prime Lens with 50MP and the IMX800 sensor delivers life-like detail, while the 85mm Portrait Prime crafts each shot with the precision of its 64MP sensor, ensuring every portrait is etched with emotion and clarity.

But the wonders don't stop there. The Z60 Ultra boasts an AMOLED infinity display with an under-display camera, transforming your viewing into an immersive experience. Whether streaming your favorite shows or capturing the beauty of a sunset, the visuals are breathtakingly vivid and your fingertips can glide from edge to edge without obstruction. And for those fleeting moments, the advanced Optical Image Stabilization on all cameras ensures that every memory is captured with crystal-clear precision.

nubia Z50S Pro

Begin the year with a tech firework. As the calendar flips, we're offering the nubia Z50S Pro at an astonishing starting price of just $549. That’s a full $100 off the MSRP. Unleash the artistry in every shot with the redefined precision of the 35mm HD Optical System, capturing the essence of portraits, the expanse of landscapes, and the detail of close-ups with a single, all-encompassing lens. Propel your performance into the stratosphere with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, and savor the silky-smooth, fluid motion on a 120Hz refresh display that makes every scroll, tap, and swipe a delightful dance of speed and responsiveness.

Feast your eyes on the 1.5K display that protects as it presents, with an eye-safe feature that ensures retina-level resolution without the strain. Embrace the day with a 5100mAh mega battery that powers your ambitions from dawn till dusk. And all this, wrapped in authentic leather glass craftsmanship that whispers luxury and durability.It's not just a discount; it's a serious bang — a full of $100 off the MSRP. Embrace the beginning of 2024 with a device that's as eager to excel as you are.


Don’t wait, celebrate

So make sure to seize these deals before they go and make the beginning of 2024 unforgettable with a nubia device that promises to be with you through every resolution, every celebration, and every snapshot-worthy moment of your 2024.

Secure your nubia Z50S Pro or Z60 Ultra today and capture your world, your way.