Size Meets Style: The nubia Flip 5G's Design Journey to Better for All

Size Meets Style: The nubia Flip 5G's Design Journey to Better for All

Fit Your Palm, Fit Your Pocket

Introducing the nubia Flip 5G: the new revolutionary device that seamlessly merges sleek design with cutting-edge technology. The nubia Flip 5G is not just a smartphone, it’s a statement.

Designed to fit comfortably in your palm and effortlessly slip into your pocket, the nubia Flip 5G offers both style and convenience. Its flip design ensures that whether you're out exploring or relaxing at home, the nubia Flip 5G adapts seamlessly to your lifestyle. When you're on the go, its compact form allows for easy handling and portability. At home, the nubia flip 5G can transform into an entertainment portal, perfect for streaming your favorite shows or engaging in video calls with your friends or family. With the nubia Flip 5G by your side, every moment becomes an opportunity for style, convenience, and connectivity.


Captivating Colors

Available in three stunning colors - Cosmic Black, Sunshine Gold, and Flowing Lilac, this device not only complements your lifestyle but also reflects your personality. Whatever your favorite colour, there is something for everyone. Release your inner style and get yourself a nubia Flip 5G to match.


Dazzling Display

Experience the brilliance of the nubia Flip 5G's display, where bezels fade into the background and a mesmerizing 6.9-inch screen takes center stage. With its curved flex internal display, external preview display and a 326 PPI cover display, the device seamlessly blends beautiful features with functionality.

This clamshell flip phone features AG etched glass, weighs only 209g and the 1.41-inch OLED external display allows for easy access to your nubia Flip 5G, without unfolding it. The sleek design and iconic vinyl record-inspired exterior reflect a blend of classic charm and modern-fun. 

The nubia Flip 5G is remarkably compact, measuring only 7.0mm in thickness when unfolded. It’s crafted from Waterdrop Hinges, a dual-rail suspension design, and high-strength aerospace-grade steel, this flip phone seamlessly blends style, function and personality, delivering a truly fantastic user-experience.  

Fusion of Art and Functionality

At the heart of the nubia Flip 5G is the perfect blend of artistry and technology. Every aspect of the design is excellent, from the seamless curves, to the polished finish and the expansive screen. The nubia Flip 5G will not disappoint.

But as we all know; beauty is also on the inside. Beneath the stunning exterior, the nubia Flip 5G boasts a powerhouse of features and capabilities, designed to enhance every aspect of your life. The portability of the flip phone ensurses that you’re always ready to snap a picture wherever you go. The external preview displays allows you to view the stunning photo you just took without any hassle. So whether you want to capture beautiful pictures, watch movies, browse the internet or multi-task, the nubia Flip 5G delivers it all and much more.


Join us on the nubia journey and explore the nubia Flip 5G’s innovative features, as well as its unapparelled craftsmanship. Enjoy all the possibilities this device brings to your palm, and your pocket at an incredible value. With the 8GB+256GB verison priced at just $499 and the 12GB+512GB at $699, there is a lot to love about this smartphone. Find out more here.