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Ships within 3-7 days
  • 35mm Lens: 50 Million Pixels for Ultimate Clarity
  • Full Focal Length Coverage with Three Main Cameras
  • Powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3
  • Real Full Screen
  • The 5th Generation Under Display Camera
  • 6.8-inch AMOLED: Flexibility Meets High-Definition
  • PWM Dimming at 2160Hz: Gentle on the Eyes, Sharp in Display
  • Durable IP68 Rating: Adventure Ready
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Basic Information

Processor & Memory

Main Display









What’s in the box?

nubia Z60 Ultra × 1

Screen protector × 1

Clear phone case × 1

Charger × 1

Type-C data cable × 1

SIM tray ejector x 1


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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Excelente Desempeño

El teléfono es excelente, aunque antes de comprar te recomiendo checar bien tus necesidades, si eres super fan de google stock, o eres de los que toma selfies a cada rato busca otra opción, a mí en lo personal me parece fantástico el desempeño, los materiales y la calidad de sus cámaras principales.

brandon tenney
Best phone for the price

I don't game or do anything crazy on my phone but this is honestly the best bang for the buck I could find. Love full screen content without a notch or hole punch distracting me.

Professional Reviewers Aren't Always Right!

UPDATE: I reduced the number from 5 to 4 because I'm starting to notice this phone has connection issues, particularly with the "link to Windows" app. I have to redo the connection from scratch before it will connect, and then it only lasts for a couple of days before it loses connection again with the app! Changing the battery settings fixed many of these issues. I'll watch it.


Based on many reviews, the consensus is that this phone is average. Most reviews focused on gaming and cameras. What was absent was what this phone does for normal people on a normal day, during normal use.

Besides making movies and gaming, what other functions does the phone have for us regular users?

The answer is, that this phone does everything incredibly great! Normally, I have 38GB to 40GB of information, photos, and data on my phone, and most phones, even high-end or flagship phones, take 20 to 30 minutes to transfer information from one phone to another. So I purchased a high-speed USB cable, and when I transferred information from my other phone to this phone, I was able to transfer 40 GB of data in just 3 minutes. Not every phone, even many flagship phones (something they don't tell you), can use high-speed USB cables which most people are not aware of. This one does!

As for gaming, this phone hangs out or runs circles around the rest, even dedicated gaming phones. When it comes to photography, this phone performs just as well as the top contenders, and even surpasses them in some aspects, especially for non-professionals.

The battery life is fantastic. I have never seen a phone like this for everyday things. The many tweaks can give you a headache, but even the most expensive flagship phones lack these types of adjustments.

According to a review, they compared this phone to the iPhone 15 Pro Max, and the scores ended up dead even. Although it may have some shortcomings compared to the iPhone, it compensates with other strengths. And the things that it lacked (according to the review) were minor, so minor that the average person wouldn't even notice. Things like, the iPhone display has 32 more pixels per inch than this phone.

So far, I am pleased with this phone. Here's something for some people to consider as well. I am a diabetic and I use a CGM. That device is called a "constant glucose monitor." Many phones cannot read such sensors, but for diabetics like myself, it is required and extremely necessary.

Not only did this phone read the CGM, it read the CGM that was installed with my other phone, which normally does not happen. Normally if you scan your CGM with another phone other than the one that activated the sensor, it will not read and it will tell you that you started this sensor with another phone, yet this phone actually read it! That impressed the hell out of me!

I, too, own a Honda and occasionally face challenges using the hands-free link, but with this phone it's not a problem. In summary, I have nothing but positive things to say about this phone and I have discovered no issues with it so far.

Excepcional calidad a buen precio

Pantalla Amoled a 120hz sin marcos ni cámara visible, una muy buena batería que aguanta dos días de un uso normal, sonido estéreo a buen volumen sin distorsión, rapidísimo en ejecutar cualquier cosa que le pidas, y las cámaras traseras muy buenas 18, 35 y 85 mm con 3X de zoom y colores muy naturales con buena luz, algún pero, algunos menús no están traducidos y pesa un poco más de lo normal, pero es una compra excelente.

The best !

La fluidité de l'iPhone, la rapidité du Rog phone, l'écran du S24 ultra, la photo d'un pixel pro, l'esthétique sans égale, le prix à -20 %, le tout sans trou ! C'est le Nubia z60 ultra !!!